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40x22 HD Powerful Lightweight Binoculars 2000M Range Folding Mini Telescope

40x22 HD Powerful Lightweight Binoculars 2000M Range Folding Mini Telescope

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Small and delicate Binoculars, nice for outdoor camping 40x22 Compact Zoom Binoculars 2000M Long Range Folding Mini Telescope The high-definition blue film eyepiece is made of all-optical glass and coated with multiple blue films. It has very strong optical transparency, bright and transparent color, good light transmittance, no chromatic aberration, and clear imaging. 

Clear and sharp. When viewing the scene with the central focusing handwheel, the user only needs to turn the circular roller in the middle of the telescope to change the focal length to achieve precise focusing and obtain high-definition imaging. Right eyepiece adjustment knob Since there may be differences in vision between the left and right eyes, the user can first adjust the clarity of the left eye through the central focusing handwheel, and then slightly rotate the focus of the right eyepiece


Waterproof: Waterproof for life, which can better extend the life of the telescope. Easy to manage in tough water environments.


Bak4 prism and multi-coated lens: Bak4 prism and multi-coated lens improve light transmission and image clarity.

Field of view: A large field of view, 2000M / 20000M helps you to have better viewing with our portable binoculars.

Easy to focus: Central and eye focus for smooth operation.

Packages includes:

  • 1 * Binoculars

  • 1 * Lens Cloth

  • 1 * Storage Bag

  • 1 * Manual

  • 1 * Packing Box

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